The Christmas Wreath: A Holiday Tradition

Probably one of the most recognized Christmas decorations across the world is the Christmas wreath. Christmas wreaths have been adorning the doors of homes for centuries. They come in many different shapes and sizes, and are typically made of boughs from pine trees. They can be decorated in any style that fits the decor of the home, making each wreath a unique and beautiful decoration for the Christmas season.

The pine boughs used for wreaths can vary, though some companies prefer to use a specific type of pine tree for their boughs. For example, at, they prefer to use boughs from the balsam trees grown on their property. There are just about as many options for boughs as there are pine trees, so customizing a wreath may mean understanding which boughs will produce the desired look once they are fashioned into a wreath. Once the boughs have been chosen for the christmas wreaths, the next thing to consider is how the wreath is to be decorated. There are many options that can enhance any decorating scheme. For example, the most classic option is to place a large, red bow on the wreath. Some people prefer to also enhance the decor by placing pine cones, or even twinkle lights on their wreaths. Wreaths typically come in a circular shape, which symbolizes eternity and unity, but they can also come in the shape of a star if desired.


In most cases, wreaths are placed on the front door as a cheery welcome to friends and family. However, lately wreaths have been placed on the gravestones of those who gave their lives to protect our country. This became a tradition started by the owner of the Worcester Wreath Company. Towards the end of the Christmas season, he had many wreaths left unsold. Instead of shredding them into wood chips, he sent the wreaths to Virginia and had them placed on gravestones in a less-traveled section of the Arlington Cemetery. Over time, this became a tradition, and soon many people offered to help place wreaths on all sections of the cemetery. Soon this act of kindness spread, and became known as Wreaths Across America. The mission for the Founders of Wreaths Across America is to remember the fallen and to honor those who have served in the armed forces.

Purchasing a wreath for the holidays is a tradition for many families across the world. It is a way to express the joy of the season, and provide a beautiful decoration that can be enjoyed by friends and family as they come for a visit. The tradition of placing wreaths on the gravestones of fallen Veteran’s gives a whole new meaning to the spirit of the season.

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